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St. Anne Woods and Wetlands Research and Education Center is located in Melbourne, Kentucky. The property provides education and research opportunities for regional institutions and the public. Come, hike, study, or just enjoy being in a natural environment!



To establish an education and research program that is available to and utilized by residents and visitors of the Northern Kentucky/Greater Cincinnati region, including, but not limited to, K-12 students of both public and private schools, college students and professors, and other education or nature groups of all ages.



Wetlands and mature woodlands serve as essential habitats for many species and provide such ecosystem functions as water quality protection, soil conservation, and pollution remediation. The more we understand about wetlands and mature forests, the more likely it is that we can do a better job of conserving, remediating, and protecting these endangered habitats. Scientists and students from nearby institutions often conduct studies at the St. Anne site and you may see research in progress during your visit.


About a century ago, University of Cincinnati ecologist Dr. E. Lucy Braun initiated research of the woods located on the land of St. Anne Convent. During the past several decades, regional colleges and universities have regularly used the St. Anne property to study flora and fauna that are rare in the region. The woods were preserved by the Sisters of Divine Providence until 2013, when the Campbell County Conservation District obtained the site through a grant from the Kentucky Heritage Land Conservation Fund. The land is now protected in perpetuity by a conservation easement held by the Commonwealth of Kentucky.